Maardu dekennaal

3. – 19. June 2022, Maardu

Art Festival Maardu Decennial

How to get there?

  • FREE bus to the opening of Maardu Decennial starts from in front of the Estonian Academy of Arts (Põhja pst 7) friday, June 3rd 17:15, no pre-registration, info 5348 0294.
  • Buses to Maardu depart from Balti Jaam, Laikmaa, Pirita and Rannamõisa.
  • Bus ticket (paid when boarding) is 1.6€ and 1.28€ if you’re paying with Ühiskaart.
  • The last bus to Tallinn departs from Maardu at 23:34 and the first at 5:42.
  • More information, schedules and rest of the bus stops on Google Maps.
  • In addition there will be our FREE NIGHTLY BUSES to Tallinn leaving from the front of Maardu Rahvamaja during the parties at 1 AM and 3 AM.

About Decennial

Maardu Decennial is a multidisciplinary art festival taking place in Maardu from 3–19 June 2022, consisting of a contemporary art exhibition, a performance art programme, concerts, parties and public programme. One of the aims of the Maardu Decennial is to appeal equally to all residents of Maardu and its visitors, which is why the event is accessible in Estonian and Russian. The Decennial brings together people from different social backgrounds and creates opportunities for new creative and social connections.

As a rule, there are few contemporary and professional artistic and cultural events in Maardu. Whether it’s the inconvenient proximity to Tallinn or some complicated cultural policy reasons that lie behind the lack of cultural activity, Maardu Decennial aims to bring something contemporary and experimental to Maardu in June 2022.

This also opens an opportunity to use artistic tools to look into the very reasons why it may seem that nothing ever happens in Maardu. On closer examination, this former industrial town on the outskirts of the capital is a perfect example of many of the larger social, cultural and geopolitical processes that people from Maardu and elsewhere might be interested in understanding.

The “Decennial” in the event’s title refers to an artificially created attempt to position itself among the established large-scale biennials, triennials and quadrennials. Reflecting the problems of culturally isolated small towns, Maardu Decennial is set to take place every 10 years, as this corresponds to the low artistic productivity in such peripheral areas.