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Performance artist

Anumai Raska

Anumai Raska

Anumai Raska (1997) is a performance artist and dancer currently studying acting at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Raska’s main creative instrument is a body that has personal experiences and memories, yet is still physically technical. At the center of her creative output have been the rules that humans set for themselves. Raska is fascinated by the individual’s relationship to their environment, their responsibility towards it and the loneliness found within this dynamic. Anumai Raska has been curating the dance and performance art event Battlejämm for 3 years and her latest collaborative production was “raska/unt/unt/raska”. As a performer, she has contributed to several works, such as “False Falling” by Keithy Kuuspu, “Performance @STL” by Ruslan Stepanov and Artjom Astrov and “SHRINK 01995” by Lawrence Malstaf.

Jette Loona Hermanis &
Johhan Rosenberg

Jette Loona Hermanis (1997), pulsing Baltic blood, is a performance artist and choreographer born in Tallinn, Estonia. After finishing her studies in choreography in Amsterdam (SNDO), she has been based in Tallinn and Riga. An eternal companion of her work is mystifying transcendence and a longing to express affect. Strongly influenced by the digital age, her material carries an intense obsession with self-centralization and online persona-portrayal, exhibiting emotional narratives of self and existence. She received the Estonian Theatre Prize Dance Award in 2022 with Johhan Rosenberg for their performance “Eden Detail”.


Johhan Rosenberg is a freelance artist working in the field of dance and performance art. His works search for undiscovered areas in concealed spaces, finding new viewpoints on topics that have been hidden there and left to congeal. Johhan explores the essence of language and identity, which is foundational in creating environments. Via raw vocabulary and playfulness, he uses body, text and sound to meet in a shared/collective consciousness. He graduated in choreography in Amsterdam (SNDO) in 2020 and has performed in Amsterdam, Moscow, The Hague, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Tallinn, and has participated in several international projects as a dancer and dramaturg. Together with Jette Loona Hermanis, he was awarded the 2022 Estonian Theatre Awards Dance Prize for the production “Eden Detail”.

Keithy Kuuspu ja
Liisa Saaremäel

Keithy Kuuspu (1994) is a performance and dance artist whose practice questions the definition and boundaries of reality by looking at human behaviours, mundane structures and the relation between individual and society. Her focus lies on the process itself and the shaping of the self accompanying it. She has graduated from Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School in dance (BA) and has a master’s degree in Contemporary Physical Performance Making – CPPM  from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. From September 2021 she is studying in Estonian Academy of Arts (design & crafts programme – ceramics MA). In June 2021 her performance “False Falling” premiered in Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava. Recently she performed in Semper/Ojasoo/Veronesi’s performance “72 days” (EAMT) and Jarkko Partanen and Anni Klein’s performance “Fluids” (WAUHAUS, STL).


Liisa Saaremäel (1992) is an Estonian performance artist. Her artistic work and research focus on societal coexistence from the individual’s perspective, in which compressed space plays an essential poetic role. She has recently obtained an MA in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) and practices as a freelance artist. The latest works include a production “Body Slam” (2022) at the ARS Art Factory in collaboration with Keithy Kuuspu and “72 Days” (2022) by Semper/Veronesi/Ojasoo where she participated as a performer.

Unholy Trinity

Unholy Trinity: “we are three artists who are mediocre at everything and afraid of nothing. We dare and want to try out what has never been done before, to have the guts to do what we’re afraid of, to do everything so we don’t repeat ourselves, to experience so we could share. Getter Jaani says: “The world is a stage!” and we completely agree. If not dancers, then at least soon to be certified dance teachers. Unholy Trinity have built their house at eˉlektron’s festival “Nature as Magic”, partied and celebrated their birthday at “Made in Estonia Marathon”, published their book at the performative bookshop “Kausaal” and produced merch for the lifestyle festival “Kasaganaan. The Unholy Trinity dream team consists of Annabel Tanila, Daniela Privis and Kärt Koppel.”

Siim Elmers & Mait Vesker

Siim Elmers (1997) is an artist and spiritual philanthropist who builds up his work on motifs from his personal experiences. Recently, Elmers has mostly worked in the medium of video, but time and again, he can be seen working with clay. In 2017 he was awarded the Young Sculptor Award. He held his first solo exhibition “Zenith” in Tartu Art House in 2021. This year, he has participated in the group exhibition “NewYearsRezolution” which took place in the chat application Telegram and has worked with the Public Sabotage Alliance.

Mait Vesker (1993) has acquired a bachelor’s degree in history from University of Tartu, after which he decided to start making art and entered Viljandi Culture Academy to study stage directing. He sums up what he does with the words “stand-up with extra steps” – in other words, fooling around and trolling are certainly common denominators in his work. Mait has founded his own kebab brand, the authenticity of which is still questionable to many. Every Sunday, Vesker hosts the show “Maiduk Lifecoach” on the Twitch channel of the publication Ypsilon, where he bothers the different half-celebrity guests with annoying questions. He will soon release some music under the name Maiduk and will hold a Maiduk Lifecoach show in Kauplus Aasia on June 16. Vesker is one of the founders of the multidisciplinary project “Public Sabotage Union”. Mait doesn’t limit himself with any one discipline because he has realised that in doing so, he would be lying to himself, since he isn’t interested in only one thing. His outlets are podcasts, music, video sketches, or this time, performance/visual art.

Liisbeth Horn

Liisbeth Horn (1997) is a contemporary human dealing with timeless topics and searching for answers, the existence of which is completely unimportant. She has made work for the stage, the exhibition space and the internet. Recent works include the multi-part interdisciplinary work “Public Sabotage Alliance” (2022) produced for, the fake-interactive performance “Grinder” at the chat-exhibition “NewYearsRezolution” (2022), the post-truth production “Truth and Justice” (2021), a room installation at EAA MA students’ exhibition ”Second Act” (2021), performative, interactive and installative works at the exhibition “That blue house on Baeri street” (2021), the live streamed performance “Save Alex” at the international festival “Spooky Action at a Distance” (2020).



JohnnyDebiil is a 17-year-old musician from Tallinn who mixes experimental electronic music and punk rock. JohnnyDebiil is the founder of the art collective “Punase tänava grupeering” (Red Street Grouping), which aims to provide support for people from different artistic backgrounds. The team also includes girlslugg and HOSTILE who are JohnnyDebiil’s main collaborators on the music scene.

Svet Nureka

Svet Nureka is an avant-synth pop/new-wave project with a dark twist, from Tallinn, Estonia, inspired by the decay of the Soviet Utopia, British underground music scene of the 80s, Neue Deutsche Welle and the 1920’s Russian futurist poetry. The band played its first conceptual live show in Saint Petersburg in January 2018 and it has supported Drab Majesty in their leg of Estonian tour in April 2019. The same year Svet Nureka collaborated with visual artist Fuji Hoffmann, who provided unique analogue psychedelic visuals for the band. The band released a cassette tape in 2018 and two music videos filmed the same year. Svet Nureka is also a name of the radio show on the Estonian internet based radio “Ida Raadio“ run by Ilya Bogatyryov.

Elina Masing

White Girl is an independent provocative performance art act who’s focused on raising controversial issues. After some notable singles with the underground band 5HORSES, White Girl became popular with her debut song “Tra Pls” (2020) as she was provocatively singing about white privilege. Her music ranges from art-pop to interlingual rap, from hip hop beats to poetical slow jams, from trashy homemade post-internet sounds to concrete techno. She loves to surprise the audience with memorable shows which always contain some unreleased songs.


KEETAI draws inspiration from the stars of the industrial scene such as Swans or Cremation Lily, continuing this tradition but also expanding to the outside through bringing up the elements from such genres as techno and deconstructed club. The mythical is embedded within these tracks: it both makes you feel trapped and invites, or rather directs you to escape the trap. When listening to KEETAI, it is hard not to find yourself immersed in quite a visual experience of epochal scenes, ranging from a ritualistic burial to cutting-edge aircraft combat.

Andres Lõo

As a producer, singer and artist Tartu native Andres Lõo has been part of the Estonian upperunderground scene since the late 90’s. Lõo is known from musical entities such as Faun Racket, Opium Flirt, Luarvik Luarvik and Holy Motors. Next to his own Phantom Platform label, Lõo has been releasing on Sex Tags Amfibia, Laton and Acido Records. He is the host of Fantoomraadio show at IDA net radio.

Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe – a series of events, record lable and a Get-together.

In the last few decades the screens have conquered our collective consciousness and the virtual world has fragmented into an infinite amount of subcultures and communes. Internet Cafe represents the club music movements created in the depths of the internet. Music has passed the boundaries of genre and is allowing totally different emotions, tempos and rhytms to meet. DJ-sets are always absurd, fun and packing energy. The party is positive and open without exeption.

Analogue Quattro

Analogue Quattro are four friends from Sillamäe playing experimental music on synths. The music is born during performance out of freeform electronic improvisation.